What’s Happening?…

Come and just be….

Most of the time our house will be open and available for you to enjoy as you wish, whether that means your own personal retreat or using St Oswald’s as a base to explore the beauty of the local area…or indeed a combination of both! The cost for a catered stay is £65 per person per night (we would prefer a 2 night minimum stay).

We are open during the following periods (with the earlier dates being subject to the Government’s lifting of restrictions):-

  • June: 21st-27th June, 28th June-4th July
  • July: 5th-11th July, 19th-25th July, 30th July – 1st Aug
  • August: 2nd-8th Aug, 9th-15th Aug, 20-22nd Aug (see below for details of the bank holiday weekend)
  • September: 6th-10th Sept, 24th-26th Sept, 27th – 1st Oct
  • October: 11th-17th Oct, 20th-24th Oct, 25th-31st Oct
  • November: 1st-7th Nov, 8th-14th Nov, 26th-28th Nov
  • December: 3rd-5th Dec, 10th-12 Dec, 13th-19th Dec

The Community follows a rhythm of prayer and all of our guests are welcome to join us in the Chapel for these times: currently 9am, 1pm & 5pm Mon-Sat. There will usually be a Communion Service on Sundays at 10am and Thursdays at 5pm (in place of evening prayer).

We have the following mid-week events over the next few months…

Walking Week: 12-16th July (Now fully booked – waiting list available)

This will give us the opportunity to sample some of the grandeur of God’s creation here in North Yorkshire, as well as to eat together!  The walks will be about 5 to 7 miles .. so some fitness will be needed; but the walks are not incredibly strenuous. We are starting to look at routes and so we’ll post these once we’ve landed on a plan! £260 per person (includes packed lunches)

Bank Holiday Weekend: 27th-30th August

Come and join us for a chilled out bank holiday weekend by the sea. You’ll have plenty of time to explore the beauty of the local area and make the most of the lovely grounds. There’ll be one or two optional led activities (depending on the weather!) as well as our usual rhythm of prayer. There’ll also be great food – what’s not to love! Special 3 day rate of £180 per person.

Individually Guided Retreat: 13-17th September

We are providing an opportunity for 11/12 people to join us for a silent Individually Guided Retreat. Each guest will be assigned to a Spiritual Director who will they will meet with once a day. There will be short reflections and acts of worship during the week which guests are welcome to attend. The house will be in silence from Monday evening until Thursday evening. £260 per person

Quiet Week: 4th-8th October

Join us for this quiet week where we can intentionally slow down and enjoy the stillness of this place. The house will be kept quiet for much of the time and Jackie will be leading some short and simple devotions/reflections each day. There will also be plenty of opportunity to ‘do your own thing’: to rest, reflect and reconnect with God in whatever way is helpful for you. £260 per person

Advent Retreat: 29th November-3rd December

The Advent Retreat is the perfect opportunity to prepare for the Advent and Christmas seasons. There will be periods of silence during this week, with short reflections and plenty of space to just be. £260 per person

Christmas Glass-fusing week: 6th-10th December

We are excited to welcome Michelle Gillam-Hull to St Oswald’s. Michelle and Jackie will be working together on this event, with Michelle leading glass fusing workshops and Jackie leading short reflections each day. There will be plenty of opportunity for ‘hands on’ experience and you’ll be able to take your creations home with you. This week is perfect for beginners rather than those with previous experience of glass-work. There will be 12 spaces available with 6 people doing glass-work in the mornings and 6 in the afternoons. See Michelle’s website for more information about her work – https://www.gillamglass.co.uk/ £275 per person (a small additional charge has been added for materials).