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Today is a dancing day!

Dear Friends,

Today is the beginning of March!  Spring is not too far away and some of us have had a very Spring-like weekend. For us this is a dancing day as the Community gets 50% bigger! Michyla has officially started today!  Many of you have already been in conversation with her as she has been handling many of the bookings & enquiries (which has been such a great blessing), as well as the website and facebook, amongst other things…so since leaving Scargill she has hardly been inactive!  But it’s great to have her on board full time.

So, all we need now are some guests!  The Government’s roadmap has prompted many to start enquiring about bookings which has been great.  We are taking provisional bookings for self-catering from April 12th, on the understanding that this date is agreed by the Government. We are currently in the process of discussing when we may be able to offer catered visits but think it is likely to be once all restrictions have been lifted. We’ll keep you posted about this and will also make it clear on the website as soon as this becomes an option.

You may want to check your calendar and see when you can come and see us – we are very much looking forward to seeing you!  We know that people want and need to get out, and for some there is no small amount of thinking and praying about the many things that have arisen from the last year…so do come and see us and, if we can travel this small part of the journey with you, so much the better.  Perhaps our understanding that St. Oswald’s is a place to come home to God, ourselves, others and creation is more important now than it has ever been.

We are so grateful to people who have set up standing orders for us, or given us gifts (including gift aid where appropriate).  The other day I said to someone that our main source of income will be guest contributions: but at the moment there are none!  So, you will realise that this generosity has been so essential and helpful. 

Our final piece of news is that Paul and Jackie are on half time furlough at the moment so things are taking slightly longer than usual for the two of us to deal with – Please remember us in your prayers.

Our love, and looking forward to seeing you soon
Jackie, Paul and Michyla