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February 2022

Dear Friends,

January has flown by and we can hardly believe it’s already February. We were closed to guests for most of last month, which was just as well seeing as we spent most of the time feeling like we’re living on a building site…but on the plus side, we now have a sparkling new septic tank and drainage system! We also put a new kitchen into Cuthbert Lodge in preparation for a fourth long term community member (who we’re looking forward to meeting when the time is right!)

After a few weeks of ‘just us’ it has been such a joy to start welcoming guests back this past week or so. It’s why we’re here! We hope you’ll be able to join us at some point, either on one of our programmes or just to come and ‘be’. There are more details about events and availability on our website, but here are the headlines…

Fri 25th – Sun 27th February                Bread weekend (full with waiting list)

Mon 14th – Fri 18th March                   Individually Guided Retreat

Thurs 14th – Mon 18th April               Easter Weekend

Mon 25th – Fri 29th April                     Gardening Retreat

Mon 9th – Sun 15th May                      St Hilda’s Pilgrimage (full with waiting list)

Mon 25th – Fri 29th July                      Walking week

Fri 26th – Mon 29th August               Bank Holiday Weekend

Mon 19th – Fri 23rd Sept                     Individually Guided Retreat

Mon 10th – Fri 14th Oct                       Art Retreat (‘The Art of Letting Go’)

Mon 28th Nov – Fri 2nd Dec             Advent Retreat

Thurs 29th Dec – Mon 2nd Jan             New Year Break

As the year turns towards the light, this comes with our best wishes and blessings for the year ahead. Happy Candlemas!

Love Jackie, Michyla and Paul

Candlemas Prayer

I left my candle burning. Lit from light

Borrowed from another, it stood there

Witness to Christ, Light of the world;

Prayer that light would overcome darkness.

As I left, another lit a candle from my light,

Dispelling gloom with added strength.

Who knows how many joined their light to those,

Or drew fresh courage from their company;

Who knows how many took a step, drawn by the

Light of Christ from darkness to new life?

Lord Christ, set me on fire.

Burn from me all that dims your light,

Kindle an answering flame in lives around;

That darkness may be driven back,

And glory stream into this world,

Transforming it with love.

Ann Lewin, from Candles and Kingfishers © Ann Lewin, 1997