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A cup of tea and a jammy teacake

A few days ago Paul and I stood at the beginning of the Pilgrims Way which leads across to Holy
Island and were reminded that taking on the work at St. Oswald’s is not the first time we have been on an adventure with God – nor do I imagine, that it will be the last.

We chose a stormy day at the end of September to walk this familiar path again, wanting to mark the beginning of the next stage in the adventure that is St. Oswald’s. Whilst we’re not ones to attach meaning to everything we do, the significance of that walk was not lost on us.

Starting out in a storm, holding each other steady for support – especially on the first very muddy, part of the path; coming to firmer ground and stopping frequently, mouths open, to wonder (once again), at the beauty of the place; the song of the curlews reminding us that there is heaven as well as earth; unexpectedly having to wade above our knees in fast flowing water (feeling a little scared)and muttering several ‘are we there yets’…all of these things made up part of that journey. The refuges along the way were solid reminders that there was somewhere to take shelter if we needed to – and although we saved them for the end of our walk, a steaming cup of chai and a jammy teacake would have been welcome.

We set off at the same time as three others, who we later found we knew. They walked behind us and it was good to see that there were other companions on the way. In front we could see the footprints of at least two people and a dog (or should that be a number of nuns and several cats). Without being too contrived, we are grateful for all those who are friends and companions of both the Scargill Movement and the Order of the Holy Paraclete. We are looking forward to continuing on this journey with you and to meeting those who we don’t yet know. At some point, when the storm’s past, we’ll be able to sit down and enjoy each other’s company, eating well and enjoying the shelter of a warm, welcoming house!

In the meantime, you are very welcome to the ‘shelter house’ that is St. Oswald’s. We have lots of
self-catering accommodation to provide welcome rest and relief through the winter months.

You can find us at or email at or phone us on 01947 810496. It’s even rumoured that good old fashioned letters reach us at St. Oswald’s House, Woodlands Drive, Sleights, Whitby, North Yorkshire YO21 1RY

We look forward to meeting you soon
Paul and Jackie